Andrew Crothers

Andrew Crothers

I am a past President and Secretary of Barnsley Law Society with over 35 years experience as a solicitor.

For some years now I have specialised in Family work covering every aspect of divorce and separation, injunctions, financial applications and disputes concerning children.

I have a particular interest in difficult money cases having appeared in the High Court and County Court to deal with high net worth individuals as well as the much more frequent situation where there are not enough assets to go around.

In every case my aim is to provide the clearest possible advice to a client about their situation and the options available to them, and the costs implications of each option.  If legal costs are a problem I will advise about ways of minimising costs and will readily tell a client involved in Court proceedings when it would be appropriate to go to Court without a solicitor, and when it would be unwise to do so.

I try to give value for money.  I try to progress every matter as quickly as possible, to identify issues and sticking points and to suggest ways of resolving then and, if they cannot be resolved, to discuss what the Courts can do and the implications of going to Court.

The comment I hear most frequently from clients, time after time, particularly from those who have already had some legal advice, is: “You have explained more to me in the last 20 minutes that I ever understood before”.

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Andrew Crothers



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