John Walker

John Walker

John Walker has been closely involved in property and property companies from the outset of his career at Bury & Walkers which he joined as an articled clerk as long ago as 1959.  He was company secretary of private listed property companies from 1965 to 1971 and chairman of another public limited property company from 1986 to 1991.  He is presently chairman of four separate private property companies.

This experience has given John Walker extensive practical knowledge of property management, investment and development and the way property companies should be managed and financed, the interaction of Landlord and Tenant Law and practice, the presentation of accounts and taxation issues, share purchases, sales and takeovers and all other facets of commercial property, an experience he has applied in advising the firm’s clients.  After living through four property booms and four property recessions he will tell you that “plus ça change, c’est la mème chose”.

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John Walker



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